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Ramrods & Ramrod Tools

Hickory Ramrods:  48" long, brass tipped and threaded for the most common 10-32 threads.  8-32 threaded tips available by special order.  Specify rod diameter of 3/8", 5/8" or 7/16". Only $11.00 each. (P)

gunworms.jpg (43864 bytes)

Gun Worms:  (left on photo)  Historically authentic wire-coil worms fit over the plain wooden end of your rod to clear debris from the barrel or to clean with tow or duff.  $1.75 ea. (P)





rrtools.jpg (10137 bytes)


Tréso Ltd. Ramrod Tools listed below are threaded for 10-32 ramrod tips.  The same items are available threaded for 8-32 by special order.  Listed from left to right in photo above.



Ball pullers, specify caliber .50 through .54  (G)                   $2.00 each
Ball pullers for .58 caliber and larger, specify caliber  (G)       $3.00 each
Cleaning jags, specify caliber .50 through .54 (R)  $3.00 each
Cleaning jags, .58 62 caliber and larger (R) $3.50 each
Breech fouling scrapers, specify caliber.     $3.25 each
Shotgun Button Jags, specify 12 or 20 gauge (G) $3.00 each

Thread adaptor kits allows tools with 10-32 threads to fit on 8-32 tips and vice versa.  $6.75 / kit. 

All other Tréso Ltd. products are available by special order.

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Muzzleloader Cleaning Supplies


ssmop.jpg (42204 bytes)



Bore Mop.  Very handy for oiling the bore of your muzzleloader in-between major cleaning sessions.  Specify 

.50, .54, .58, .62 (20 gauge) or .75 (12 gauge) caliber.  $2.75



tgtow.jpg (29082 bytes)

Linen tow, 100% flax tow roving used for cleaning with our historically authentic gun worms.  Also makes great tinder for your flint and steel fire-making kit.  1 oz bundle only $1.75 ea. (G) Sorry, this item is out of stock.



hoppes9.jpg (37295 bytes)



Hoppe's Number 9 Plus:  Black powder cleaning solvent and shooting patch lubricant all in one handy 8 oz. squeeze bottle.   $7.00




Ox-Yoke™ Brand Lubricated Shooting Patches

.005 inch prelubricated shooting patches fit rifles between .50 and .60 caliber.  $5.70 for package of 100.


Shotgun Cards and Wads:

oposcards.jpg (40699 bytes)



Overpowder/Overshot Cards.  The heavier card goes over the powder, the thinner card over the shot.  Each package contains 100 of each.  Specify either 20 gauge or 12 gauge.   $3.50 per package.



smoothborewads.jpg (36767 bytes)



Prelubricated Compression Wads.  100 per package  Specify 20 gauge or 12 gauge.   $4.00 per package.




wonderwads.jpg (8705 bytes)Ox-Yoke™ brand Wonder-Wads™

Favorites of cap and ball revolver shooters have applications for black powder cartridge reloading as well.   Each package contains 100 wonder wads.


  • .36 caliber Wonder-Wads only $6.50 per package of 100
  • .44/.45 cal. Wonder-Wads only $8.25 per package of 100




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