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Clay Tobacco Pipes from Nor' West Company

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The historical voyaguers who paddled the huge freight canoes of the northwestern fur-trade used to take a short hourly break, during which they smoked their clay pipes.  They often measured distance based on the number of "pipes" (smoke breaks) taken between one point an another.

  7" Clay Pipe (Top):  An elegant clay pipe for your after supper smoke.  $8.00 (P)

  9" Clay Pipe (Bottom):  A larger and sturdier clay suitable for either an individual or public tavern type setting.  $9.00 (P)

Sentry Pipe:This tiny clay pipe is sometimes referred to as a "Sentry" pipe.  According to legend sentry's were not permitted to smoke while on guard duty, but some used this tiny, easily concealed pipe to sneak a quick puff or two while the officers were looking elsewhere.  This is the same small pipe carried on the front of a voyageur's or American trapper's Gage d'Amour and are well documented for thos portraying American trappers and Mountain Men.  Only $8.00.  (P)


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