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About Nor' West Company

In 1999 a Fairbanks Alaska gun store decided to no longer offer black powder because the proprietors felt the time and expense necessary to ensure compliance with BATF regulations was too great.  Because flintlock shooters such as myself require real black powder instead of the popular synthetics, I decided to apply for the appropriate license and enter the trade in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the only historically authentic propellant for muzzleloaders.  Today Nor' West Company is the only BATF Licensed Black Powder Dealer serving the Interior region of Alaska and is the only company in Alaska that specializes in providing living-history enthusiasts with high quality, reasonably priced, historically authentic reproductions of eighteenth and early 19th century dry goods.  

To achieve our mission, Nor' West Company operates under 3 very firm policies:

  • We always deal with our customers, suppliers, regulators and all others with the highest degree of honor and integrity.
  • We are always prepared to provide historical documentation if asked to support any claims of historical authenticity we make about any of our goods.
  • We always strive to provide high-quality goods at reasonable prices, comparable to the average price charged for the same goods by vendors in the Lower-48.

Nor' West Company does not yet have a store front, and like many vendors serving America's living history enthusiasts, Nor' West Company is a part time business.  Our operation must accommodate other obligations, including our proprietor's full-time job at a remote industrial facility on the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.  Much of our business is conducted by appointment or via the Internet and U.S. Mail.  We take great pride in providing the best possible customer service within our ability.  The most reliable way to contact us is by our website contact form or telephone (907) 488-3327.  We will return your message just as soon as possible.


Nor' West Company is proud to sponsor the following organizations:


"Years ago, when we had to travel the trade trails of Alaska, we had to carefully plan our trip.  We would put a great deal of quality into the goods we had to trade to ensure that we'd get top trade value for them.  Because we carried the goods so far we wanted to make sure that the goods we carried were worth carrying".  (Unidentified Koyukon Athabascan Elder, Hughes Alaska, June 22, 2002)




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