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Muzzleloader Shooting Tools and Accessories



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Brass Oil Can:  Ted Cash's "Never Leak" one-drop oil can is a small, attractive way to keep a little bit of gun oil in your shooting bag or field kit.   $11.50 (R)




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MSM Ramrod puller solves the problem of ramrods stuck in the  bore of your muzzleloader.   $25.00



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Adjustable Powder Measure.  Accurately measures charges of up to 130 grains, and has a handy vent / nipple pick in the knurled button on the slide.  $15.00 (P)




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Funnel measure keeps your hand away from the muzzle while pouring the powder charge for safety.  $20.00 (P)



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MSM Mainspring Vice:  The only way to safety remove your lock's mainspring is with a properly fitting vice such as ours.   $15.00 ea. (G)



Loading Blocks

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Loading blocks are historically authentic "speed loaders".  Specify .50, .54, .58 or .62 caliber. (.45 caliber available by special order)      Only $5.00 each. (G)    




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Maple loading blocks are thinner and smaller than our blocks above, and show nice grain in the wood.  Specify your choice of .45, .50, .54, .59, .62 (20 gauge) caliber.  Only $5.00 each. (G)



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.75 Cal (12 gauge) Maple loading block holds 3 patched balls ready to load.  Only $5.00 (G)